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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Heavy overnight rains combined with a high tide over six feet led to flooding in parts of Sausalito’s Waldo neighborhood.

While high tides flooded parking lots are nothing out of the ordinary for Sausalito’s houseboat residents, the high tides backed up storm drains, preventing rain water from draining into the bay, making the flooding worse than usual.

The entrance to Issaquah Dock was completely under water.

Parts of the Mill Valley-Sausalito Path were under water, and Caltrans crews closed the Highway 1 northbound exit on U.S. 101 while they worked to clear clogged drains.

Caltrans was kept busy, opening up drains and closing flooded roads near the Highway 1 North exit.

Houseboat residents had no choice but to put on their boots and go about their Sunday.

Gate 5 Road was completely flooded over in front of the Anchorage 5 building, and the water was deep enough that only trucks were able to get through. Other traffic was using the building’s parking lot as a detour.

A bicyclist makes his way along a flooded Gate 5 Road.

Roads were also flooded near Strawberry Village and Tam Junction.

Trucks make their way across a flooded intersection near Tam Junction.

As the high tide recedes, most of the flooding drains off into the bay. The high tides are nothing new for residents of the Gate 6 Cooperative–the ragtag bunch of houseboats that have yet to be integrated into an organized dock.

Even though most of the path was above water, any intrepid users had to watch their step if they wanted to stay dry.


The entrance to the Gate 6 Cooperative was completely flooded.

This is usually a gravel parking lot.

The high tide flooded the lawn near the Kappas Marina West Pier.

The Mill Valley-Sausalito Path just barely remained dry.

After being harassed mercilessly for years by angry Bay Area environmentalists, your intrepid blogger finally got to use four wheel drive.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

10:30 p.m.

A fatal car accident has shut down lanes in both directions of U.S. 101 between Sausalito and Marin City.

A police officer confirmed that the driver had been ejected from the vehicle. According to the officer, the victim’s body was “in about 10 pieces.” The driver was apparently struck by other vehicles after being ejected, but it could not initially be confirmed.

Police and firefighters on the scene appeared to be looking for body parts in the bushes near the roadway, as well as a small canal near the shoulder.

Another person at the scene claimed that he heard on a police radio scanner that rescue crews were still looking for the victim’s head.

The single car crash occurred when a southbound gold Lexus sport utility vehicle apparently lost control and flipped over the center divider, ending up on its side in the northbound lane.

A fire fighter searching for remains of the victim. Photo by Shaun Goo

The Lexus SUV came to rest in the northbound lanes of the 101 freeway. Photo by Shaun Goo

The Lexus sitting in the northbound lane after being righted by a tow truck. Photo by Shaun Goo.