First, let me be clear: This post is not about Sausalito. Sorry to my loyal followers. Still, check out the slideshow to see what other parts of the country look like in November.

Upstate New York is a far cry from New York City. Not only is it a day’s drive away, but instead of skyscrapers, Upstate New York has large areas of open space—farm fields, forests and marshes cover the state’s Western and Northern Tiers.

Despite the cold wind and the frequent rain and show showers, there is a certain, rugged beauty about November: The leaves have left their trees, but the ground is not yet frozen solid, so any snow usually melts away, as freezing temperatures at night give way to temperatures in the high 30s and low 40’s during the day.

Since I was there for Thanksgiving with the family, I recruited my brother and mother to give us some insights into what hiking in November is like.

Dylan Henderson is a freshman at Ithaca College in New York, and Sue Lautenslager grew up in Fairport New York, and has recently moved back after spending over 30 years on the West Coast and Hawaii.

Dylan’s band Burtrums was also kind enough to provide the music for the slideshow.

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