Sausalito is well-known for its famous houseboats—you know, the ones that look like eccentric regular homes, but floating on a concrete barge. But there are other ways to live, literally, on the water in Sausalito as well. One of the more common options is to “live aboard.” More specifically, it means to live on a yacht or boat—usually tied up at a marina, but occasionally “anchored out” offshore. Unlike the posh houseboats, these live aboards are just regular boats that serve not only as a vehicle, but a home as well. Sometimes these boats can move under their own power, others haven’t moved in years and are exclusively used as dwellings.

Gidion Butler is a 20-year-old community college student who lives on an old Japanese trawler tied up in Sausalito. He was kind enough to share some of the down-and-dirty realities of living on a moored boat. Click below for his thoughts