Let’s get one thing straight: Sausalito is hardly a place that generates hard-hitting, action-packed news. Just one look at the police report is enough to show the serious dangers of the Sausalito streets. The report is compiled by the Sausalito Marin Scope, Sausalito’s weekly neighborhood newspaper.

For example, (this is real) “Suspicious Circumstance: Bridgeway. Initially thought to be domestic violence — male subject was holding a woman in a vehicle — but it was determined to have no merit. Subjects were praying inside the vehicle, causing the windows to fog up.”

The Sausalito Marin Scope is a good source of news for Sausalito, despite the fact that it’s published only once a week. While it’s far from the New York Times, it is a good neighborhood paper. For more regular news, the Marin Independent Journal is published daily, but covers all of Marin County. It does have stories from Sausalito though, like this profile of a new boatyard on the waterfront.

There is one radio station broadcasting from Sausalito. Radio Sausalito 1610 AM plays “foot stompin’ jazz,” but also has segments of neighborhood news. The news segments are also available online.

The blogoshpere seems to largely ignore Sausalito. There is Our Sausalito, a blog that seems to be aimed mostly at visitors. Although it’s not updated regularly, it includes almost all the information you need to know about Sausalito, everything from places to eat and stay to ATM locations. There is also the blog Sausalito Loves You, which is appears to be one woman’s thoughts on Sausalito–it almost looks like a twitter feed.

Even though Sausalito is lacking the hyper-local blogs typical of many San Francisco neighborhoods, it is nonetheless the kind of neighborhood that lends itself to local blog coverage. There is a strong sense of pride from many Sausalito residents, both those who have grown up in the town, and the fresh-from-San-Francisco immigrants. Either way, the curious, affluent-artsy community needs more coverage. No matter how rich the residents are, they still need their news.